What to look for in a stroller for your baby

When it comes to buying a stroller for our babies, there are plenty of things to look out for to make sure that you can make the most out of it for the longest time.
Aside from looking at what’s on-trend, there are certain things that expectant parents should look out for while looking for a stroller for their little one.


Safety should always come first when looking for a new stroller. All modern strollers should meet the safety requirements including a five-point safety harness strap that is easy to secure and unbuckle for a parent but not for a child. It should also have reliable breaks. Check the frame to ensure that there are no sharp edges or places for fingers and toes to get caught in.  

Ease of use 

There are going to be plenty of moments where you will need to have access to your stroller quickly. That means it should be light enough to fold up and lift into a car or to fold up when not in use. 

Does the stroller you’re looking at seem easy enough to push with one hand when the need arises?  Can it be converted easily from sitting to sleeping position when your toddler falls asleep when you’re out and about?
Is the fabric wipe clean? Can it be used for more than one purpose? All of these questions will determine how easy it is to use and maintain. 

What else can it be used for? 

New parents seldom understand the number of things that will be carried around in a stroller besides the baby. Yes, the large basket underneath the sea is great for carrying extra diapers and changes of clothes, but what about the things you need to easily access like your keys, water bottles, and snacks for you and your baby? Additional things like cup holders for both you and baby, and hooks are excellent additions to have as part of a stroller for the modern family. 

Is it newborn-ready? 

Most strollers are great for babies who are beginning to sit up on their own, but what about the six months before that? You don’t want to have to wait for all that time to take your baby out on walks. Try to find a stroller that has adjustable seats that suit small babies or that can attach a bassinet that can be securely locked in place. Some strollers will also come with a car seat attachment making the transition from stroller significantly easier. Venicci brand products, for example, have all of the above in one baby travel system. 

Stollers need to safe, easy to use, and adaptable to suit your family as it undergoes some of the biggest changes it can go through. You shouldn’t have to worry about finding several strollers that suit your baby as they grow, but that will grow with them. 

A baby stroller is one of the biggest purchases you will make for your baby, which is why it is incredibly important to make sure you have done all of the research to find the correct one. 


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.  

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