Create a Calmer Home Environment and Reduce Your Anxiety

Your living environment can have a significant impact on the way your mind and body functions every single day. If you’re surrounded by stress and disorder at home, it’s highly likely that you’ll start feeling anxious because of it. Creating a calmer home environment in order to reduce your daily anxiety is one of the best steps you can take with regards to your mental health. You’ve already survived lockdown in your home, and now it’s time to create an environment you love. Whether you’re organising your belongings or decorating your favourite room, here are a handful of ideas to build a calmer environment in and around your home.

Lighting and Decor

The lighting and decor in your home can either stimulate or relax you. Take a moment to review all of your rooms in your home, and see if there are any slight tweaks you can make to them. Whether you change up the lighting or add some softer tones to the walls, there are a number of changes you can make. You may want to consider pendant lights if you’re looking to create an elegant and calming atmosphere in your living room or bedroom. These small changes can make a big difference to the entire atmosphere in your home.

Organisation and Routine

Having a messy and cluttered home can cause significant stress on your mind and body. Not only will you feel overwhelmed in your home, but you may also feel uneasy at the thought of having to deal with the mess. Creating a sense of organisation and structured routine can really help to alleviate any of the stresses you’re feeling at home. Invest in some smart storage solutions and create a routine that makes you feel relaxed.

Smells and Scents

As soon as you walk into your home, you want to be greeted with a calming and relaxing scent that makes you feel at ease. Some of the best soothing scents to consider for your home include, lavender, rose, bergamot and jasmine. You can either invest in candles or you can use diffusers to spread the aroma around your home effortlessly.

Safe Spaces and Home Comforts

In your home, you should have a safe space that makes you feel completely at ease and content. Whether it’s your bedroom or a quiet corner in your living room, you need a dedicated space that allows you to reduce your anxiety and stress. Curling up with a book or listening to your favourite podcast in your favourite space is the ideal way to feel calmer in your home environment. 

As soon as you start implementing these ideas your stress levels may begin to decrease as you have less stress surrounding you. When you have calming lighting, soothing scents and a predictable routine, they can create true magic for your mind. Reducing your anxiety and stress may not happen overnight, but these simple switches around the home will contribute to a healthier atmosphere and a calmer state of mind.



Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.  

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