Book Review: Whoosh! The Little Book For Birth Companions by Katie Brooke

whoosh3You may know from reading my PND posts that I did not have a good birth experience with Caterpillar. Twelve hours of labour eventually led to an epidural and then an emergency c-section when Caterpillar’s heartbeat became dangerously slow. I’m planning to share my birth story in a future post, whilst throwing some light on the important topic of birth trauma.

In the meantime, I want to share an adorable and informative birth companion book I’ve received from the lovely Katie Brooke, who herself experienced a very difficult birth which has led to this project.

From the moment I became pregnant I was very nervous about giving birth and those nerves eventually led to real fear as my due date neared. That fear is probably one factor that led to my request for an epidural, and did that epidural then lead to my EMCS? Was the stress I felt a contributing factor in Caterpillar becoming distressed in the womb?

Probably not. Logic would say I couldn’t control the fact that the cord became wrapped around his neck. However, I’m sure if I’d been able to feel more positive about the birth during my pregnancy I would have felt much calmer and happier for nine months.whoosh2

Whoosh! A Little Book For Birth Companions is a fab book which could help with just that. Full of tips and information, it’s aim is to create a more positive birth experience. The book is aimed at husbands and partners and would make a great gift, especially if Father’s Day falls while you’re pregnant, but really it’s a helpful book for any mum-to-be too.

Using comedy and simple but adorable line illustrations, Katie has created a really useful guide for any expecting couple. Don’t let the small size deceive you, this book is packed with information including massage techniques, breathing exercises, tips for bringing on labour and combating pain. There are also lots of details about the power of hormones and positivity.

There are useful spaces to fill in yourself too – for example baby names and a music playlist for labour.

Whoosh1What I love most though is just how fun this book is. It’s beautifully made and designed, the colours and pictures are wonderful and it really feels…loving. It’s a super quick read and would be fab for speedy reference. A brilliant idea for a gift and keepsake.

If you want to know more about Katie you can follow her on Twitter and to get your hands on a copy of Whoosh visit her website.


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  1. I really like the sound of this book. I had a traumatic birth experience the first time round and am definitely feeling a little anxious about how it will all play out the second time round this summer. A little book like this would have been a lovely way to prepare myself and the husband last time round and may quite possibly be useful this time round so Ill be popping over to Katies website to have a closer look 🙂 Emily #ShareItSunday

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