Natural & Beautiful Mealtimes with Vibrant Home

Melamine1I first discovered Vibrant Home when I reviewed their beautiful stationery as part of my mother’s day gift guide, their homewares are so bright, fun and well…vibrant! Today I’m focusing on their melamine tableware range.

Produced by the company Rice DK, the range is so beautiful and modern, nothing like the old-fashioned view of melamine people have.  BPA-free, melamine is derived from a natural product which is then blended to create the hardwearing bowls and plates we’re familiar with so it’s actually a more natural alternative to plastic.

What I love about melamineMelamine plate

It’s incredibly durable & hardwearing.  Unlike my plastic toddler plates and bowls, which scratch and wear fairly easily, melamine stays glossy, smooth and solid.  I received these products a few months ago now, and we’ve been using them daily, and yet they still look like they have just come out of the box.

It’s really easy to wash up.  The worst culprit when cleaning toddler dishes is dried Weetabix, but even this washes off easier than most.  I don’t have a dishwasher but I put them through a friend’s just to make sure and they came out perfect.

Melamine Group Shot 1It’s great for using outdoors.  Picnic season is upon us (apparently – although you wouldn’t think so looking out my window as I type this) and melamine is perfect for chucking in the cool bag because you know it wont break, smash or get scratched – even with babies and toddlers involved.

The beautiful, modern designs.  Vibrant Home stock a huge selection of melamine products and they are so fun, funky, bright & modern.  They look beautiful at your dining table or for using at a summer BBQ, and as an added bonus Caterpillar really loves the cute designs.  So many different colours and shades means there should be something to suit any style or kitchen/dining room colour scheme.Melamine cups

The only downside I could find is that melamine isn’t microwave safe, but I can live with that.

As well as their extensive melamine range, Vibrant Home have so much more to offer.  If you love bold, stylish patterns and beautiful colours you’re bound to find something you like – from lovely bakeware and storage to bathroom accessories and toy boxes.  I’d buy half the website if I could (and if I had a bigger house).


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  1. I think cutlery like this is brilliant for children. Bright colours are always so much more fun and pretty than our usual tableware. These are lovely designs, I’m heading to their site for a browse! x #thelist

  2. I recently discovered your site and I am loving it! The activities are great. I sense that I will be coming back to your site pretty often.
    This is the information I was looking for.
    Thanks so much!

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