Mobile Monitoring App for Kids – Good Motherhood or a Risk?

Motherhood is not just about pregnancy. It is a lifelong relationship between the mother and child. After severing the umbilical cord, while the physical bond ends, a new bond forms – the psychological and emotional bond. Mothers know what is best for their children, and they do everything necessary to buffer them from challenges and harmful things in the world. This is also why; modern mothers have started using a mobile monitoring app for kids to keep them safe as they grow up to use smartphones.

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Your Choices Mold Your Child’s Nature

Psychologists have conducted thorough research on how the quality of infant care affects the way they associate with friends later. The way a mother takes care of her kids influences the way they react to different people and circumstances, how they handle stressful situations, and influences how they adapt to new changes. The research proves that children consider their mothers a safe haven, from where they can explore their environment without harm.

Children believe that their mom’s presence comforts them, especially when they feel distressed. This is why; insecure babies seek their mothers more often because they feel less assured by her. In fact, researchers also say that the form of primary care kids receives also affects their development. However, when kids grow old enough to go to school and use smartphones, how can moms continue to look over them?

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Is Using Monitoring Apps Good Motherhood or a Risk?

Some parents who have used monitoring apps say that it is a sign of good parenting. However, psychologists warn parents that there are some negatives of using such apps, although there may be greater good. Parents must consider the risks as well so that they can know what they are dealing with before subscribing for such services.

Looking at the cons, one of the greatest risks that come with these apps is losing your kid’s trust. While they come to mothers for closure and safety, they need to know that their moms trust them. Using such apps can compromise trust. However, experts say that the way moms handle the situation matters. If you first talk to your child about your concerns, informing him or her about your safety concerns while your child uses the cell phone.

Pros of this include educating your child about threats lurking in the real world. As a good mom, you would be preparing your child and teaching him or her how to be responsible. The sooner you child learns the risk of talking to strangers, what kind of information not to share, and the importance of keeping you in the loop, the better. Therefore, using mobile monitoring apps for kids is a good motherhood practice.

What Mobile Monitoring App for Kids Do for Moms

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Parents turn to many different apps for different features that such apps offer. Norton Family Parental Control is one of the apps that help parents protect their kids from exposure to unwanted content while browsing. It has a robust browser filter that you can rely on. Mobile Guardian is another example of such apps. It helps by reducing the risk of cyber bullying and protecting your child while browsing via the cell phone. You can manage set timeframes and teach them good digital practices with this app.

Another example is Xnspy, which helps mom know where their kids are around the clock through GPS tracking. Its inbuilt Geofencing feature also helps mom define no-go zones and alerts them whenever their kid goes there. Moms can also read text messages, screen IM chats (including Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Kik, and Line). Moms can also use such apps to screen the sort of photos and videos the kids share and with whom they spend several hours talking via the cell phone. In fact, there’s a lot more apps like these offer for good motherhood.

Some Positive Tips for Good Motherhood

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Here are some things you can do as a great mom to help your teenager adapt adolescence and use the cell phone responsibly:

  • Talk to your child about your concerns. Ask if your kids have suicidal thoughts. This will not make them think of it, but will make them see that you care about their feelings. Educate them about why it is never an option.
  • Encourage your teenager into extracurricular activities by showing a keen interest in them yourself. Encourage them to socialize, take part in games, sports, art, and theater.
  • Encourage your kids to take part in civic activities for the community by volunteering, but always watch over them to keep them safe from a distance. Do not hover! This is where the mobile monitoring app comes handy.
  • Complement your teenager’s achievements and efforts.
  • Show affection as often as possible and be genuine. Spend time together.
  • Respect your teenager’s opinions and ideas. If you find something disturbing, consult an expert.
  • Encourage your kids to find solutions to problems and handle conflicts. Help them with learning good decision-making. Be available for advising and show your support.
  • Encourage him or her to engage in internet media, games, chats, instant messaging, and Instagram, but be cautious about what they post and how much time your kids spend online. This is what apps such as XNSPY help with by offering remote monitoring solutions.
  • Talk about your expectations, responsibilities, and behavior the teenager must have in public places.
  • Help your teen plan ahead of time and teach him or her how to handle uncomfortable situations.
  • Respect your teen’s privacy; even they need it.
  • Lastly, encourage your teenager to exercise, sleep on time, eat healthy, and maintain a good lifestyle.

Conclusively, using a mobile monitoring app for kids can offer mothers mental peace. They can know their kids’ whereabouts around the clock; know whom their kids communicate with via texts, calls, and IM chats, even emails. Using such apps is truly a sign of good motherhood, despite the risks that may come with it.

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  1. My children have their mobile devices everywhere they go and most of the parents that I know disagree of it. I give them limits and a curfew of which they were willing to follow. It is really useful of when I want to call them or track them where they may go.

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