Wishes for 2019

The biggest aim of The Butterfly Mother is, and always has been, to help other mums going through PND, Postnatal Anxiety, Postnatal OCD or any other mental health issues.  However, every once in a while I allow myself a personal journal post.  The process of blogging for the last 3.5 years has been extremely healing for me so I hope you’ll forgive my occasional self-indulgent piece!

I believe making goals is really important to our emotional wellbeing, as is putting positive desires out into the world (excuse me while I go a little hippy!).  With this in mind I’ve made some wishes for next year below.

A healthy pregnancy & postnatal period

Obviously this is number one for me at the moment.  I was reading last year’s wishes which were centred around acceptance of our secondary infertility and I had gone a long way down this path before we got our beautiful surprise news in September.  Due to previous miscarriage and my general predispose to anxious thinking, I’ve been really worried about this baby already.  But as we move into week 18 I’m trying my best to be positive and relaxed.

Following the new baby’s arrival of course I’ll be faced with many triggers and I’m very keen to avoid such severe PND & Anxiety this time around.  Currently, I feel really confident about this; I feel strong and secure in my anxiety management skills, I’m aware of my triggers and hope to be able to manage them.  But Anxiety is a tricky beast, as we well know, so only time will tell on this one.  Whatever happens, I plan to share this journey with you all in its entirety (you can already follow my video diary over on my Instagram).

Offering hope

A huge goal for me next year is my book.  I was running full steam ahead with this until our surprise pregnancy news which meant putting it on hold for a while.  I plan to finish the draft by the Spring and have it available to buy next Summer / Autumn.  The book is half self-help / half journal with the aim of supporting those going through Anxiety recovery – find out more about it here and make sure you’re signed up to my mailing list for updates and to qualify for a discount on release.

Reaching more people

And my final wish for 2019, as always, is to reach more people.  I’m so touched by the number of awesome ladies who have reached out to me this year to share their experiences of postnatal illness, discuss their current recovery journey or simply get support.  I would love to get my blog and resources in front of more women who may need it so if you enjoy my work please feel free to share it far and wide, as reaching bigger audiences is the biggest online challenge for most of us.

Finally, I invite you to share your wishes for next year in the comments below – no matter how big or small your goals and desires are.  I love to hear from you always.