Recognising Postnatal Depression

Evening! Just a very quick post tonight to share some useful graphics I’ve been sent recently.  Regular readers will know I am very passionate about raising awareness of Perinatal Mental Illness after suffering from Postnatal Depression & Anxiety myself when Caterpillar was born in 2013 (you can find out more about my own recovery journey by visiting the posts listed on my About page or searching under the depression & anxiety categories).  When I was approached by Fix to share this article and the graphics below I wanted to pass the information on.

The onset of my illness was so sudden and I felt so unwell that I quickly recognised it as PND or another mental health issue, but for many parents this is not the case and they struggle on for months or even years before realising and accepting that they are suffering from PND, PNA or another Perinatal Mental Illness.

These graphics provide a clear and helpful overview of the facts & figures, signs & symptoms and possible first steps for anyone suffering in this way.  In addition, please take a look at my previous article Should Perinatal Illnesses Be Treated Individually? to find links to symptom lists for other perinatal mental health issues.

If you are pregnant or have recently had a baby and are experiencing any of the symptoms shown here please reach out to your midwife, GP or health visitor.  There are more details of organisations who can help on the Help & Resources page.  There is hope and you will get better.

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