5 Ways To Make The Most Of Late Summer (PLUS Giveaway From Childs Farm)

When schools begin returning it feels distinctly like the end of summer but, if recent years are anything to go by, September and even October sometimes prove to be fine, warm months in the UK.  So instead of taking a straight sleighride into Autumn why not try to hold onto those last strains of summer a little longer.

Photo by Jared Sluyter on Unsplash
Photo by Jared Sluyter on Unsplash

Today I’ve teamed up with sun and skincare brand Childs Farm to bring you my favourite ideas for stretching out that summer feeling.

After School Fun

Regular readers will know that my son begins Reception in a couple of weeks and the vast reduction in our time together has been playing on my mind.  It’s ridiculous really; as parents we crave time to ourselves and then when we’re given a big chunk of it we find ourselves a little sad and lost – at least for a while.

I don’t particularly want to be in mummy mourning so instead plan to make the most of those few glorious post-school hours Caterpillar and I will still have – maybe that means a trip to the park, an after school playdate in the garden or a chip supper by the sea.  Whatever you do, make the most of those last few weeks of warm weather with your little school-goers – there’s a whole winter for movies and crafting.

Enjoy A Quieter Time At Local Attractions

We made the mistake of heading to our local seaside on Bank Holiday Monday and I’d forgotten how hideous the crowds can be – I think every single soul from London must have travelled to the Essex coast that day!  Why not take advantage of the schools returning and head to a farm, theme park, museum or other family venue which will now be less busy.

Annual passes are a great idea for this.  We have a pass for our local theme park and it means we can pop down after school and it doesn’t matter if it’s only for a couple of hours.

Maybe your child’s school returns a few days later or has inset days – take advantage of this extra time with a less crowded day trip.

Stay Protected

We may be slipping into the Autumn mindset but it doesn’t mean we can stop using sun protection, especially on our kids.  I only recently heard about Childs Farm but I’ve since spoken to other parents who rave about their products. Specifically designed for children’s sensitive skin, their sun cream, after sun and skin care products leave your child’s skin soft and flare-up free.

Childs Farm 4

Their products contain no nasties and are made from organic essential oils and 98% naturally derived ingredients, they are even suitable for newborn babies.  In addition, I recently spoke to another mum who uses Childs Farm on herself because she suffers from sensitive skin and eczema. I have eczema-prone skin myself so may well be stealing some of Caterpillar’s skincare!

Keep Food Fresh & Summery

Bring summer onto your plate with fish dishes, salads and BBQ food.  Why not try some of the summer recipes below?

Mixed Pepper & Tomato Pasta Salad

Chilli & Garlic Lamb Kofte

Lamb 3

Pea & Ham Egg Muffins 

Take An Off Peak Holiday

If you’re one of the lucky ones who’s little one isn’t starting school for a couple more years take advantage of cheap September and October deals on trips abroad.  I’m definitely going to miss the freedom of this!

Would you like to try Childs Farm for yourself?  Enter below for your chance to win a hamper including 50+ SPF sun cream, aftersun lotion and biodegradable wipes or find out more at www.childsfarm.com.

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Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Excellent prize. Im going on holiday for half term October to Dubai, some great products there for the kids to get my hands on.

  2. Heard great things about these products, thanks for confirming for me, I’d love to win these for my granddaughter…Thanks x

  3. I dread the children going back to school for many reasons. The weather always improves, although this morning, it is quite chilly and absolutely pouring down!

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