On The Eleventh Day Of Parenting – 12 Ways Parents Can Relax This Festive Season

Hello and thank you for hopping over from My Thoughts On Things and welcome to the 11th day of #12DaysOfParenting. Today’s sponsor is Plyt who are offering a Plyt Board Game and the theme is 12 ways parents can relax this season.  My keyword to enter today’s giveaway is in this post below, good luck!

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Christmas is an incredibly busy and sometimes stressful time for parents so when you finally get a few hours to relax, whether that be miraculously during the lead up or just after Christmas, make sure you use it.



  • Take a long bath – an oldie but a goodie.  Turn your average bath into a relaxation paradise by adding tons of products, music & candles.
  • Do your nails – sounds ridiculous but painting your nails or any other kind of beauty activity gives our confidence a boost.
  • Meditate – I’ve mentioned before how helpful meditation can be, I use the Headspace app.

Couple time 

  • Visit the cinema – why not take advantage of the dead zone between Christmas and New Year; rope in a sitter and catch a holiday flick with your other half.
  • A classic box set – no sitter?  Then why not snuggle down with a classic box set – perhaps something you always used to love watching together back in the day.
  • Cook together – preparing a meal together, whilst supping a nice glass of wine of course, is a great way to relax together without the distractions of TV or other devices.  Or forget cooking altogether and trade in the stove for a big platter of shop bought cheese, deli meat and breads.


  • See your girlfriends – Christmas is all about family and kids so why not buck the trend and put a night aside to go for a drink with your friends sans kiddos, where you can vent your Christmas stress away.
  • Have a games night – I love playing games, and it’s what Christmas is all about in my opinion.  De-stress by dusting off the Monopoly or get hysterical with newer, more controversial games like Cards Against Humanity (not for the light-hearted or easily offended!).
  • Holiday catch up – now Caterpillar is in school he has a lot less time to play with his non-school friends.  Use the holidays to get together which has the added bonus of the kids being entertained by each other, thus reducing the pressure on you!


  • Gym – we’re all guilty of feeling sluggish and groggy after the excesses of Christmas so force yourself to do some exercise if that’s your thing (can you tell it’s not mine?)
  • Get Craftyindulging in creative hobbies feeds the soul so try to find time to do this during the Christmas break.
  • Music – not much hobby time available?  A simple shake around the kitchen to your favourite tunes will help raise your mood and relax your mind.

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